I’m Back! | Quick Update and What to Expect this Fall

Hello lovelies!

First off, I want to apologize for being so neglectful to this blog.  A lot of things are different and happening but I am back and really excited about what I have planned for this Fall.

Expect to see a new series launching this weekend called SWITCHING SEASONS.  I will be sharing with you how I switch up my routine to fit the upcoming season.  This includes:

skin care



daily routines


home decor

Also be on the look out for a new FINDING HAPPINESS series.  I will be reading and doing a review on the Happiness Project book as well as writing about treating this season as one would a “New Years” and emphasizing the second chance we get every Fall.

I have recently become a Tone It Up member/follower (I don’t really know what to call myself) but I am a huge fan of this program!  If you don’t know anything about TIU, it is more of a healthy lifestyle than a weight loss program.  They call themselves “Lean Clean and Green” which is a perfect way to describe it.  Obviously eating healthy and exercising is going to change your body.  While this may be some people’s goals with this program, I am just in it for the lifestyle!  That being said, I have decided to be more vocal about my TIU experience and journey.

Lastly, a COFFEE CHAT series will also be beginning this Fall.  These will just be quick and simple morning posts about quotes, something that has been on my heart, or just random thoughts.

Have a beautiful day, xoxo

Blissful Books | The Glass Castle – Review

BC | Glass Castle


For starters, I would like to apologize for the delay in my Book Club update on this book.

Overall, I probably would not recommend this book to a friend.  Don’t get me wrong…it was a good book.  It was well written and definitely attention grabbing.  Dealing with hardships was the most prominent theme in this book.  So much that it is almost frustrating.  You wanted the main character Jeannette to overcome everything she was dealing with.

Like I said earlier, it was a good book.  However, it is not a book that I would say, “You need to read this book!” to anyone.  I guess one good expression word to use to describe how I feel about the book would be: “Meh”

If you like books where the main character is constantly battling hardships then by all means, read this one!  It really is a wonderfully written memoir!

Just not my cup of tea (:

Be on the look out for Book #2!

Have a beautiful day, xoxo

Take Charge | Valentines Day Date Ideas


It has always been assumed that the guy is supposed to plan Valentines Day dates.  He usually has to make reservations, dress up, and pick up flowers.  How about the ladies switch things up a bit this year?  Instead of relying on your man, take initiative and plan out the perfect date!  Your guy will not only feel loved, he will appreciate the fact that the stress will be taken off of him so he can relax and enjoy spending time with you.

Being a college senior, I am always thinking about ways to save money.  It has almost (lets be honest, shopping is just necessary sometimes) become second nature to look for the cheaper option in situations.  With that said, I have come up with a list of budget-friendly date ideas for just about any couple.

Stay in for Game Night | Gather up your favorite board games and plan an evening in!  Keep it low key and just between the two of you, or invite a few other couples/friends for a fun night.

Have a Picnic | This is a classic date that will never not be a good idea.  Pack your favorite food items and head out to your favorite park.  Mix things up and pack one for your living room (complete with a blanket to sit on) or even your backyard!  Plan a nighttime picnic so you both can cuddle under the stars.  Either way, make sure to pack some bubbly!

Visit a Winery or Brewery | Travel to a popular vineyard/brewery or just visit your local one.  Do your research ahead of time because some places do free tours and tastings.

Go on a hike | Put on those hiking shoes and get outside together.  Whether its around your local botanical gardens, in the mountains, or in a park, this is a great date that will bring you both together.

Explore your City | Continuing this exploration theme, get to know your city a little better.  Walk around the streets of downtown during the day to see the city in a better light.  Stay on the streets or venture into the unique little shops you find.  If you both are already pretty familiar with downtown, start exploring your local parks and get to know the trails better.  If either of y’all are into photography, this is a great opportunity to bring your camera along!

Bookstore Date | Whether it is a large chain store like Barnes and Noble or a quaint local bookstore, spend your afternoon sipping coffee (or tea if you aren’t caffeine addicting like me) and searching through books together.

Bowling | Whether together or in a group this is always a quality option.  It steps out of the romantic category and is just plain fun and usually cheap.

Cooking Together | Since I am a huge fan of cooking, this is one of my favorite options.  Come up with a menu ahead of time of your favorite dishes or decide to try new foods.  Not chefs?  Find an easy dessert recipe to make together.  Making food for your guy is always a good idea.  They weren’t lying when they said “the way to a mans heart is through his stomach!”

Valentines Advent Calendar | If you want to make your Valentines day more special and last longer, plan out something the two of you can do every day in February leading up to the 14th.  Write it down and stick in an an envelope (I got the idea here).  Each day beginning Feb 1st, you both can open the envelope together and follow instructions for your date.  They can be as simple as cuddling up and watching a specific movie together, making dessert together, or eating breakfast in bed one morning.

Get creative and start planning your V-day!

I am planning on making Valentines day a weekend instead so I will be incorporating a little of all these into my plans.  My boyfriend and I go to school in different cities and won’t be able to see each other much on the 14th.

What are you planning?

Have a beautiful day, xoxo

Decide every mo…

Decide every morning that you are in a good mood.

Monday are tough on us all.  It is undeniable and inevitable that those days are just harder than the others that make up the week.

Whether you are reading this at work, school, late at night or early in the morning, promise yourself that you are going to make the most of every day you have been given.

Not a morning person?  We all should be.  Waking up in the morning means that we were just given another day to take advantage of second chances.  To start over and truly live your life.  So be excited that it is morning!  Start to see the beauty in sunrises rather than sunsets.


Have a beautiful Monday everyone.  If it isn’t already good, make it good.  -xoxo

Five Friday Favorites | Bundling

It has been so incredibly cold this past week, at least where I live.  This weeks Five Friday Favorites is going to be devoted to bundling!  As kids we always hated having our mothers bundle us all up with what seemed like millions of layers.  Today, bundling is seen as stylish and very practical.  Let’s get a hand raise of how many people bundle up to brave the weather then get to class/work and feel as if they are going to have a heat stroke?  We all have been there, but with proper layering we can beat it.

Here are five of my favorite layering basics:


Thin Sweaters | Under a jacket, on its own with a statement necklace, or over a button up.. these sweaters are so versatile.  They keep you warm with a very classic look.


Quilted Vests | Fitting over just about anything, these are a stylish way to keep your core all toasty.


Wool Scarf | Great way to keep warm and add a little something to the simplest of outfits.  I have been in love with these Burberry check patterns.


Pea Coats | These are my daily go-to coat.  They make it look like I put a lot of effort into my appearance even when I haven’t.  Wool coats are so warm and so cute.  This J Crew one is my favorite.  I just love the gold buttons and the sandstone color.


Flannel | Whether its a shirt or PJ pants, flannel is an amazing material.  Being a southern girl, I love the checked pattern but there are so many other options on patterns now.  Layer underneath a sweater or a vest and you will be set!

Hope this inspired and made you feel cozy inside!  I sure do, but that could just be the chai tea…  Stay warm and safe everyone!

Have a beautiful day, xoxo

Blissful Books | Book Club Time!

It is book club time everyone!  A personal goal of mine for 2013 is to read 40 books.  Some may think this is a little ambitious, but I forget way too easily just how much I love books.  Reading is so beneficial as well.  You may be thinking:

“Why read?”,  “It’s a waste of time.”,  or  “I read enough for school.”

Studies have shown that leisurely reading can reduce stress, sharpen your mind, improve analytical thinking, allow you to be more tranquil throughout the day (Fidgety?  Reading can help.), increase your vocabulary, improve memory, improve your writing skills.  Since reading allows your mind to wonder away from your current environment, it can also help you prioritize goals.  When looking at your life from a different view, you realize what you have always wanted to do and haven’t gotten to in life yet.

However, some may totally be on board with this idea so lets cut to the chase!

After much thought, the first book I am reading to kick off the start of our book club is…

BC | Glass Castle

Go pick up a copy!

Have a beautiful day, xoxo

2013 Monthly Resolutions | January

I apologize for how late this post is.  My classes have been so demanding so far this semester.  I will get better at keeping up with this blog, promise!

So to continue on my previous post lets get a little more into my specific January resolutions.

January | Health

This month I have decided to start the year right.  I eliminated most processed and fast foods from my diet.  I cook more and prepare food ahead of time for healthier snacking.  Let’s be honest, “eating healthy” is so unappealing.  When you think of eating healthy we almost always think about what foods we will be missing.  We have given it a bad rep.  So eating healthy is mostly about losing weight, right?  Wrong.  You guys, the problem is that we are not going about this thought process correctly.  Eating healthy isn’t about losing weight at all.  It is about eating what your body wants.  What your body needs.  Our bodies crave what we are used to.  If you get used to eating more fruits and vegetables, you will start to crave them!  Isn’t that a crazy thought?  With that said, I am choosing to give my body what it wants and needs.  Give in to those little cravings, but try to give my body what will benefit it the best.

My goals for January:

Take a daily Multi-Vitamin. | Plan out meals on Sundays. | Bring a bag lunch to campus every day. | Drink at least 2 liters of water a day. | Eat to give myself energy and nutrients, not for fun or out of boredom. | Drink more tea. | Cook more and get creative with my meal planning.

I will continue these posts throughout the year of 2013.  There will be updates at least twice a month and a post to conclude/reflect on the previous month.  I am so excited about this!  Let me know I’m not alone with resolutions and let me know what yours are!  We’ll keep each other accountable all year long!

Have a beautiful day, xoxo


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